How More Disastrous Could This Season Be For Chelsea?

Could this be any more of a disaster season for Chelsea? They are out of the Carling Cup, they are out of the title race, and now they are out of the FA cup, after losing to Everton through a penalty shootout at Stamford Bridge.

After leading the penalty shootout, a pathetic penalty by Nicolas Anelka was enough fuel for Everton to come back and set up a tie against Reading at Goddison Park on March 1st. It has to be down to some kind of cosmic force that when your not playing well, things will go against you which includes losing penalty shootouts. In fact I was surprised Clint Dempsey didn’t put away that penalty for Fulham against the blues last Monday.

The FA cup defeat means the only realistic thing Chelsea can challenge for now is a fourth place Champions League spot. The blues have one game in hand and are four points behind Manchester City. Although City lost against Manchester Utd last week, both City and Spurs are in hot form, and I don’t think they look like slowing down any time soon.

Chelsea also have a Champions League tie against FC Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, but even this I have concerns about. If there were any better time for FC Copenhagen to pull off an upset this would be that time.

So what’s wrong with Chelsea? My answer – a plethora of reasons. The manager has completely lost what formation to play with the arrival of Torres. He’s tried the diamond but against Liverpool, Torres was completely lost with his position, so he reverted back to 4-4-2 but then that means he had to take Torres off and bring Kalou. So what’s the point of playing him in the first place? Where will he fit in?

The key players are just not performing. I know Lampard and Essien have been injured for a long period of the season but that’s just not going to cut it with the fans. As for the players who are fit, they’ve just lost their confidence and execution. Anelka’s not the same player he was at the start of the season and I don’t think Drogba is happy with the arrival of Torres. Also I wasn’t a big fan of Mikel or Ramirez at the start and I just want them to leave because they don’t contribute anything.

Cole Misses The Vital Penalty! (Courtesy of

Also Fernando Torres is the biggest waste of space ever. Possibly the most ridiculous signing in British Transfer History. A player showing the same clumsiness and uncertainty he showed during the World Cup. He’s only played two games, but we should’ve picked up three points away at Fulham, if only he could control the ball and shoot at the appropriate time. He played as if he lacked all kind of decision making. He cost around £50million from Liverpool, he’s not worth even worth £50,000!

They need to find something from somewhere and fast. If there were a better game to showcase to their doubters, they can rectify their season, the Champions League tie against FC Copenhagen would be the one. I just hope as a lifelong Chelsea fan we have something to look forward to next season. My question: will we still be good enough to compete against Europe’s mighty elite next year?


8 responses to “How More Disastrous Could This Season Be For Chelsea?

  1. really this season is the worst for Chelsea and their players.On Anelka’s penalty time I knew he couldn’t do that ! and then that happened!

  2. It was such an arrogant penalty. You would’ve thought he’d learnt from that champions league final ages ago. Is it just a lack of belief that they seem to be losing all their important games?

  3. I think it’s because earlier in the season, more teams went out attacking Chelsea, but now, they have simply lost confidence and there are more exploiting their defense now.

  4. Their defense is really poor. it’s as if terry’s lost his way with decision making and i don’t think ivanovic can play in the centre. What do you think about the signing of Torres? A good player but we bought him at the wrong time?

  5. I think Torres is still class, he’s a top striker when firing all cylinders, but noone has seen that recently, me, along with the other Liverpool FC fans, will definitely accept the 50 million pounds with open arms

  6. I actually think Liverpool got a bargain for Suarez. A world class player who is playing with confidence and finesse at the moment! Do you think Carroll’s signing was a good signing?

  7. As the complete opposite of a Chelsea fan I can still say that Chelsea is a great team with good players. But they are being stupid in their decisions, not just the owners and manager but the players too. Chelsea is a team with one of the world’s finest striker teams and an iffy defence, this was before Torres. Chelsea doesn’t need another striker, they need confidence focus and a better back line.

  8. They’ve completely lost their confidence. Do you think they can overcome Copenhagen tonight? I’d say on any other day this would be an easy win but with their lack of confidence and as you say iffy defense lately, this could be a struggle.

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