Windows 7 SP 1 To Be Released Shortly

The first service pack for Windows 7 (and Windows Server 2008 RC2) is due to hit the update channels sometime today. The service pack addresses some fairly minor issues, and pales in size compared to the first service packs seen for Windows XP and Vista.

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The main body of the service pack will address of the odd stability and security issues. In terms of features, 2 main features, Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX are the biggest two. Even then, most consumers on Windows 7 will seldom use them as these are more server-based.

RemoteFX allows thin clients to utilise the server’s GPU resources to provide hardware acceleration for applications using OpenGl or Direct 3D. Dynamic Memory allows the allocation of memory to virtual machines in a manner that they can be allocated more memory than the server actually has.

Again, those of us at home running laptops and desktops won’t really be able to utilise these new features. In fact, it’ll be hard to see what changes the SP will bring. Windows 7 is already a polished and stable beast. A ‘light’ SP is perhaps a way of telling that Microsoft pretty much got things right the first time around. Certainly a change from the usual schedule….


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  1. Windows actually achieved something

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