Kirby’s Epic Yarn European Launch; Is Nintendo Losing It?

Kirby is one of the more lovable characters in Nintendo’s arsenal. But that wasn’t really reflected in Nintendo’s launch event for the latest Kirby game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Whereas Kirby games are full of colour and charm, the launch location, Elephant and Castle in London, couldn’t be more of the opposite. For those that don’t know, Elephant and Castle is a pretty depressing area. A depressing combination of grim architecture, droning traffic and constant sirens makes an uninspiring  backdrop. Which makes Nintendo’s choice of locality even more bemusing.

Nintendo claimed they’d kit out the area in colourful knitwear. However, it seems the ‘kitting out’ is more a random scattering of Kirby toys in the centre of the Elephant and Castle round-a-bout. And focal point of the launch was essentially a bench with some toys on it. At least those who turned up received a free copy of the game (as compensation, I like to think).

courtesy of

Nintendo will facing some stiff competition in the next couple months from the likes of Sony’s PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and even Apple’s iOS platform. I’m not sure wrist-slitting events such as this win over and retain consumers


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