The 9 Line Review: The Adjustment Bureau

(Movie Review in no more then 9 lines)

Matt Damon plays a congressman fighting to see the girl of his dreams, the girl he adores Emily Blunt. His battle, rebuke a secret band of serial manipulators called The Adjustment Bureau.

Possibly the most ridiculous concept in cinematic history – blokes that use blue hats to navigate through doors and control people’s lives. Blokes that are literally governed by the guidelines of a notebook.

Damon and Blunt have some great chemistry and their charming moments together are really the only reason to see this film. Maybe they should both do a rom-com. Also people are calling this Inception meets Bourne. What the hell?


4 responses to “The 9 Line Review: The Adjustment Bureau

  1. The “Inception meets Bourne” line is nothing but hype. It’s a shame as it had potential.

  2. Yeah it does tempt you to wanna go and see the movie, but when you got hooked on that you’re going to be seriously let down. What did you think of the whole sci-fi aspcct of the piece anyway?

  3. I must admit that is a pretty dorky hat

  4. Something from the 1950s or something! They look like desperate accountants. :O

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