Films To See In March!

Given the back end of the film calendar, where The King’s Speech took home the ultimate prize of the film awards circuit I hate to say it but there is very little to get excited about in March. Just a few bits and pieces, just a few odds and ends. There’s a couple of legal and espionage pieces in the shape of Doug Liman’s Fair Game and Mathew McConaughey taking the lead in the bestselling Michael Connelly novel The Lincoln Lawyer. But that’s good enough reason not to see the film.

We also have in March another Woody Allen Romantic drama You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, which like most Woody Allen movies has a colorful casting – Antonio Bandera, Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Frieda Pinto. And it’s set in London which is more reason to go see it.

Also Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski reunite for Rango, where literally he plays a ordinary chameleon. Not a chameleon – an ordinary chameleon. And there’s also a couple of ridiculous dramas Limitless and The Adjustment Bureau. Perhaps light entertainment but nothing to take intently, I have nothing more to say about these, their trailers say it all.


The Adjustment Bureau

Fair Game

The Company Men

The Lincoln Lawyer

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger


The Eagle


5 responses to “Films To See In March!

  1. Big names, lots of action, no plot whatsoever. That’s what i conclude from the trailers anyways.. How the hell is Mathew McConaughey still employed?

  2. Yeah its abit of an empty month of movies. But I think limitless looks appealing. I feel like some nonsense entertainment!

  3. I would watch limitless just for the sake of watching Bradley Cooper (He’s pretty :p) but yeah the trailer for that movies gives way too much information about the plot anyways.. I’ve taken to watching Independent Films and Documentaries this month, and i recommend “Inside Job” it’s really really good. Planing on watching “Man on Wire” and “When We Were Kings” soon.. White Collar is a very good show too :p (just in case you needed any recommendations :p)

  4. Red Riding Hood is also out now no? You watched it?

  5. Is it? I don’t think its come out in the UK just yet. That’s with gary oldman and the amanda seyfried?

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