Don’t Shout At Me!

What is it with people shouting when they are stressed? Seriously what is the point? Where does that get any one by shouting? I’m standing two feet away from you and I can her you loud and clear. Is there really any need to yell? Is there really any need to raise your voice with me?

Your stressed. You probably haven’t eaten in months. Have a doughnut, have a cup of tea, have a kebab if it makes you feel any better. Talk to me again when you’re a human being and you can vocalize your words in a way which does’t involve me picturing Daffy Duck ranting over a bucket of cold meat!

I know you have a lot of work. I know your stressed. Of course. You have acne and you keep going to the toilet every five minutes. But please just calm down. I wasn’t burdening you with other people’s work. I didn’t demand you to take on someone else’s workload. I just wanted to talk. I just wanted to run some ideas by you. I just wanted to discuss. Not set off this explosion. Not set off that wire in your head you call DEMENTED!

What people don’t understand when they shout and expel you can get nothing done. It’s not healthy and it’s not productive. Take a breather. Go for a walk in the park. Have an aspirin. Have a breath mint because that really may be a cause. And above all stop shouting. Learn to listen.

When someone shouts at you stay calm. Let them have their moment. Let them eject. Don’t take it personally. Because before you know it…Half an hour later they’re texting you back, apologizing, looking for some excuse, wondering where they went wrong. And who was the real idiot? Who caused the unnecessary controversy? If only they had learned to close the mouth and listen.


2 responses to “Don’t Shout At Me!

  1. umm..
    I was exercising my vocal chords? :p

  2. don’t you just love experiencing the receiving end of someone’s bad day!

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