The 9 Line Review: Rango

Rango is about a lonely chameleon who gets lost in a dessert and through his acting masterclass becomes the sheriff of a dehydrated town called Dirt. Say hello to another Gore Verbinski/ Johnny Depp collaboration.

What to say about this? It’s contains some of the most hideous looking characters who babble and blather with the most utterly scuffing accents ever!  And there are some irritating owls narrating the story with song who you just want to shoot.

Despite the western references and the blatant reference to Chinatown (it’s about a town without water!), the story is boring, pointless and as unremarkeable as the desolate, rejected setting Rango finds himself dumped in!


One response to “The 9 Line Review: Rango

  1. Watched it. I had to drink cola to stay awake! There’s an air battle two thirds of the way through it, but by the time you get there, you really don’t care enough to be thrilled!

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